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Chamber music is the foundation of all instrumental and vocal music. Without this centuries-old process of combining sounds, the wide range of music that we enjoy today would not exist.

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Although in some ways chamber music finds less of an audience than other genres, despite its enormous repertoire, it forms the foundation of all instrumental and vocal music. Without this centuries-old process of combining of sounds, the wide range of music that we enjoy today would not exist. Among classical musicians chamber music is the most highly rated genre, giving each instrument or voice the opportunity to express its own personality, making it a very personal form of expression and communication. The musician feels more of an artist when playing chamber music, and this in turn makes the audience’s experience more enriching. Analysis, study, play, team-work and enjoyment are the key characteristics of this discipline, which no musical genre or culture can bypass. In addition, the intimate nature of such playing, and indeed the act of listening to it, invites a deeper enjoyment of the nature of music.
Our commitment and passion is focused on highlighting, promoting and facilitating access by young musicians to this music and ensuring that it reaches a wider audience. It is our firmly held belief that such a task should always go hand in hand with the pursuit of excellence, which is why over the years we have sought to offer a programme of the highest quality to attract both the music-loving public and young players for whom it is a fantastic route into the professional world.


The 10th International Festival in 2018 represented the consolidation of the project.

Despite the financial obstacles that we face each year, the power of the music and our ever more faithful and numerous audiences, together with the collaboration and generosity of the musicians that makes it possible, encourages us to keep going.

This year our theme is a both relevant and far-reaching: Women in the World of Music . The 11th Godella International Chamber Music Residencies Festival is all about women’s contribution to classical music. We wish to dedicate the 2019 Festival to highlighting the role of women in the history of music. Quite rightly, the position of women has changed dramatically over the last few decades, and we can now celebrate their ever increasing integration into the classical music world. However, in arriving at this point, numerous women have suffered discrimination along the way. Many great female talents have been forgotten, ignored or hidden by the social prejudices that have marked the centuries of our history.

This year, by coincidence, marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Clara Schumann, a musician and composer who made a huge impact on 19th-century musical life. We will celebrate this bi-centenary by performing some of the music that she wrote, along with the music of Fanny Mendelssohn, the sister of Felix, who composed a large body of chamber music. We will cast a spotlight on other 19th century female composers, such as Louise Ferrenc, and unveil talent from the 20th century and the present day. There will also be the opportunity to attend live discussions with the Serbian composer Isidora Žebeljan, or the Argentinian composer Claudia Montero (now resident in Valencia).

Josemi Lorenzo is a musicologist specialising in the woman’s role in the history of music. She will act as moderator in the fascinating round table on the subject that will mark the opening of the Festival. This is a Festival in which I am sure that you will want to participate, which includes the opportunity of listening to talks by the guest composers in programmes especially dedicated to them.

For the second consecutive year Leticia Moreno will open the Festival, we will once again welcome the magnificent Brodsky Quartet, and the Festival Ensemble, made up of members of Moonwinds, the Elan Quintet and other players from the Orquesta de la Comunidad Valenciana, among others.

Talented Young Musicians, as always, play a very important role in the Festival; this year’s second International Chamber Music Competition will be presided over by a first-class panel of judges.

Our closing concert will be the delightful work by Felix Mendelssohn A Midsummer Night’s Dream, incidental music to Shakespeare’s play, performed by the Festival Ensemble and all the Festival’s teachers, students and collaborators and starring, in honour of the Festival theme, the sopranos Isabel Monar and Quiteria Muñoz, the actress Maria Josep Peris and the participative female chorus.

All in the context, as ever, of fine music and excellent company. We look forward to seeing you!

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Year after year we organise one of Valencia’s greatest international chamber music festivals.


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We motivate our young musicians to progress along the path of classical music, by providing them with great opportunities.

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Every event is built from scratch! The Association is all about the creation of music and performance.

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