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Política de privacitat



Once the form is filled out and sent, the association will rotate its annual fee by bank. When we receive the form, we will contact you.

ES78 1491 0001 2730 0009 9282


The data indicated will be used only for the internal and exclusive use of l’ASOCMCG to the effect of communicating with the partners in accordance with what is regulated by Organic Law 15/99 on the Protection of Personal Data.

  • The fee is € 50 minimum per member and calendar year.
  • In order to direct your subscription through the bank, it is necessary to fill in the information requested in the form.
  • You can pay the fee by direct deposit or transfer to the following account of the Association: AMICS PER THE MUSIC OF CAMBRA DE GODELLA, in TRIODOS, compte IBAN: ES78 1491 0001 2730 0009 9282, NAME AND SURNAME, EMAIL AND PHONE NUMBER .
  • They will receive an email confirming their admission as a member approved by the association’s board
  • For more information you can contact and

    Considering the type of collaboration, the partners will receive the following bonuses annually:

    • Basic Partner € 75: 1 double entry
    • Bronze Partner € 150: 1 season ticket for the Festival
    • Silver Member 225 €: 1 season ticket for the Festival & 1 double entry for the Festival
    • Gold Partner 300 €: 1 double ticket and the benefit of a dinner reservation with the musicians (must be indicated in advance)
    • Premium Partner € 500: personalized gratification
    • Other contributions: personalized gratification

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      Associació Amics PER LA Música de Cambra A Godella

      Plaça l'Ermita, 4
      46110 Godella (Valencia)

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