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Chamber music is the foundation of all instrumental and vocal music. Without this centuries-old process of combining sounds, the wide range of music that we enjoy today would not exist.

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After the receptiveness of the first steps of a Chamber Music meeting that took place in Godella in 2010, we decided to establish a cultural association, led by the Festival’s founder Joan Enric Lluna, with the aim of providing support and continuity for Godella’s Chamber Music Festival. This took the form of an Association, made up of music lovers, musicians and members with experience in music management and pedagogy. The Association’s main focus is staging the annual “Chamber Music Residencies” Festival, a participative festival that offers a first class series of musical performances and events alongside an education programme aimed at talented young musicians, providing them with the opportunity to get to know and learn from established musicians. The Association is responsible for the Festival programme, as well as other specific activities throughout the rest of the year, managing its financing with the help of Public Institutions, as well as increasing the number of its partners and collaborators.


Although in some ways chamber music finds less of an audience than other genres, despite its enormous repertoire, it forms the foundation of all instrumental and vocal music. Without this centuries-old process of combining of sounds, the wide range of music that we enjoy today would not exist. Among classical musicians chamber music is the most highly rated genre, giving each instrument or voice the opportunity to express its own personality, making it a very personal form of expression and communication. The musician feels more of an artist when playing chamber music, and this in turn makes the audience’s experience more enriching. Analysis, study, play, team-work and enjoyment are the key characteristics of this discipline, which no musical genre or culture can bypass. In addition, the intimate nature of such playing, and indeed the act of listening to it, invites a deeper enjoyment of the nature of music.
Our commitment and passion is focused on highlighting, promoting and facilitating access by young musicians to this music and ensuring that it reaches a wider audience. It is our firmly held belief that such a task should always go hand in hand with the pursuit of excellence, which is why over the years we have sought to offer a programme of the highest quality to attract both the music-loving public and young players for whom it is a fantastic route into the professional world.


“Invitation to dance”.


This year marks the 15th edition of our festival. Fifteen years offering music, not only to the people of Godella, but also to an audience whose origin is increasingly expanding to other regions, other parts of the country and even internationally thanks to the groups that have visited us from France or England. It is a festival, undoubtedly, that holds a consolidated prestige based on two basic principles: on the one hand, to offer quality music and interpretative excellence, and on the other hand, to bring this art to people in a way that feels close, so that our audience discovers the human side of the artists who participate in it, both those who already enjoy an international career and those younger who are trying to make their way in this wonderful but hard profession. We want to show that chamber music is not something elitist, but that it is a necessary heritage of Humanity, and our obligation is to bring it to the widest possible audience, especially to those who have fewer opportunities to access it.

Our goal is to make people happy, happy in as deep of a sense as chamber music offers, since it is an art form that is both physically and spiritually close and familiar. We offer an experience that, we hope, will last in the memory of our audience, and also in that of the musicians. Music has the power to discover and awaken the hidden or dormant parts of the soul, and to make us feel more human.

The thematic thread of this edition is the relationship between chamber music and dance. We have chosen the title of a beautiful piece by the German composer Carl Maria von Weber, “Invitation to dance”. In the same way that music moves the body, the movement of the human body and music interact in a whole that is capable of expressing infinite emotions. A large part of the repertoire in the history of music has its origins in the music composed for dancing, and many of these pieces have remained as concert repertoire, both in the fields of chamber music and orchestral music. Starting from this idea of works that have been written for dance, we have built much of the repertoire that will be heard at the Festival.

The first concert will begin with Weber’s piece in its original version for piano, at the hands of the great pianist Carles Marín, followed by the chamber version of a well-known waltz by J. Strauss arranged for seven instruments by Schöenberg, and ending with the South American rhythms of M. del Águila.

Once again, we will have the honor of hosting our respected master of pianists Josep María Colom, who is also a composer, offering us together with Llúcia Colom, dancer of the Coburn Theater, a music and dance show with music by Colom himself, Chopin and other composers.

For the closing concert, where all participants of the festival and the chamber course converge in the form of an orchestra, we will perform the first Suite “El rapto de las sabinas”, a recently recovered ballet, unpublished since 1785, by the Valencian composer Martín i Soler, and, as a climax, the anti-war cantata “The armed man”, by Jenkins, a symbol of reflection on the escalation of wars worldwide. The young Valencian Júlia Cruz will be our guest conductor.

Additionally, in this edition the fantastic French string quartet Quartuor Diotima will be our special guest, offering two concerts and masterclasses. Other wonderful guest musicians will join us, including Juan Carlos Garvayo (piano), Toni Garcia (double bass), Voro Bolón (cello), members of Moonwinds, and a cast of musicians who will form the ensemble of the festival.

As every year, the Young Talents Program will develop parallelly to the festival of great stars, so that young performers can join the veterans in some programs and play side by side in the final orchestra concert.

The Festival has reached a collaboration agreement with the FIM València to jointly organize the chamber music competition, so that the groups participating in the course and festival can prepare for this competition with our guest artists. The first round will be held in Godella on July 17, and the final round will take place in Manises on July 18 and 19.

Also, as every year, the Festival will have a participatory choir, an open opportunity for everyone who wishes to come on stage with us to perform “The armed man”, an experience that we promise will be intense and exciting.

The festival also organizes several outreach activities for children, as well as meetings with guest artists for the public and students to get to know better the human side of artists with international careers, a gastronomic concert bringing together the pleasures of the ear and the palate, and also a musical-cultural walk to discover the hidden secrets of Godella, guided by the local history workshop.

We invite everyone who wants to experience good music in a shared and intimate setting to come to Godella to accompany us and enjoy the wonderful music that we will perform in July 2023.

Joan Enric Lluna, festival director

March 2023

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