Musicians at the highest level

Our Chamber Music Festival was born with the idea of ​​creating for a few summer days a group of musicians of the highest international level, and with the ambition that the excellence of their performances would reach the most hidden corner of society. The dream has always been to make of chamber music a profound life experience that is accessible to both music lovers and people who have never been to a concert. We want to show that chamber music is far from being “elitist” in the sense of exclusivity of a few people, but rather a cultural asset that benefits everyone.

To achieve this, we bring artists as close as possible to people in the form of open rehearsals, meetings with the public, dinners with artists, round tables, and the participative choir, where everyone who wants to sing can do it with us, a quite enriching experience for everybody.

Young Talents form an essential part of the Festival, forming a parallel festival themselves, rehearsing with great teachers and receiving their advice.

We have gone through times of economic difficulties, but never such an exceptional time as this health-economic crisis. Still, we are determined to offer and share this wonder that is Chamber Music with anyone that wants to join us.

Chamber ensembles & Composers

Over the years we have been joined by chamber groups such as the Utrecht String Quartet, Alexander String Quartet, Elan Quintet, Brodsky Quartet, Zilliacus Trio, Cuarteto Voce, Moonwinds Ensemble; outstanding players and composers, such as Javier Perianes, Leticia Moreno, Juan Carlos Garvayo, Carles Marín, Josep Colom, Lluis Claret, Isidora Zebeljan, Fabio Biondi, Harry Maki, José Antonio López, Isabel Monar, Carles Santos, Paul Baker, Antón García Abril, Cesar Cano, Clara Cernat and Thierry Huillet, Voro García, Mirabai Rosenfeld and Joseph Weder, alongside contemporary composers represented by the new generations of Valencian musicians such as M. Ángel Berbis, J. Javier Peña Aguayo, Carlos Foncuberta and Héctor Oltra.

Twelve international editions

Outstanding ensembles

Over the years we have been joined by chamber music groups such as the Utrecht String Quartet, Alexander String Quartet, Elan Quintet, Brodsky Quartet, Zilliacus Trio, Cuarteto Voce and the Moonwinds Ensemble.


Young Talents

The promise of the future

Offering talented young musicians the opportunity to get to know and learn from established musicians of the highest calibre.


A professional team

The passion for music

A team of musicians and management professionals with a long track record in the cultural sector alongside others with a shared passion for music and culture. A festival that brings culture to the heart of our society.



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