Talented Young Musicians

Music is an essential cultural and social asset to any society; our aim is to help build this asset for the professionals of the future.

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Talented Young Musicians

Learning, culture and fun!

The Godella Talented Young Chamber Musicians is based on a vision of bringing together leading professional musicians and recently graduated young players who are taking their first steps in the professional world. The Talented Young Musicians project, directed by Joan Enric Lluna, forms part of the International Chamber Music Residencies Festival. It is a synergetic learning space where young players can learn from and work alongside teachers and musicians who have already consolidated their careers, with a view to enhancing their professionalism and training them in standards of excellence.



Simply brilliant

Talented Young Chamber Musicians is a project with learning at its core, which seeks to facilitate the transition of young players into the professional working world.
Participation as a Talented Young Musician offers young players the opportunity to:

  • Attend daily group classes with the resident artists.
  • Participate in the Talented Young Musicians concerts.
  • Appear as the opening group in professional concerts (subject to selection).
  • Attend all Festival concerts and activities free of charge.
  • Promote themselves as a chamber group to cultural institutions and organisations.

A project for the future

A project with a heart

The path to a professional career for a young musician is always difficult and there may be many obstaclesalong the way.In general, recognised high-level experience and good contacts form a good spring-board for the future.Consequently, this project aims to reach out to young musicians who are just embarking on their professional careers and provide them with the opportunity to develop with great professionals by their sides. This in turn gives them the opportunity to build a network of professional contacts (not simply social networks, but real personal and professional networks). The synergies established between both parties then creates a clear path to accessing other projects.

One of the project’s key aims is to promote a sense of community, where young players can learn from more experienced musicians.In a few years time, these young people’s careers will have taken them to new places and, in the spirit of the project, they in turn will be in a position to contribute their knowledge, experience and synergies.As a result, great importance is attached to the ongoinginput of members and ex-members of the project, creating a community that is continuously enriched and which has become a reality over these eleven festivals.

Joan Enric Lluna


Alejandro Villanueva


Juan Ibañez


Chamber Music Contest

The Godella International Talented Young Chamber Musicians Competition seeks to contribute to the training of young players, as well as to create a platform for their professionalisation and promotion on the classical music circuit. 

The competition specialises in the chamber music repertoire and is aimed at chamber groups comprising a minimum of 3 musicians. Instruments from the string, woodwind, brass, voice and piano families are welcomed.

The competition is open to players of all nationalities. First Prize winners from previous festivals may not take part.

The average age of group members may not exceed 26 on the day of the competition. As a minimum, applicants should be in at their first year of degree-level music studies. 

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